Aim of the Education Office is to support and promote the organization of the postgraduate
education, lectures, scholarships, exchange of colleagues between institutions and countries,
EUPSA-surgical workshops, etc.


Prof. Dr. med. Martin Lacher 

Head of Department of Pediatric Surgery
University of Leipzig, Liebigstrasse 20A, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

Tel:      +49 341 97 26400 – Fax:    +49 341 97 26409



April 12th – 18th, 2021

In North America, all trainees are required to take a yearly “in-service“ examination. It guides trainees’ education by giving them the opportunity to identify weaknesses and test their knowledge. Until now, there has been no such test in Europe.

The European Board of Paediatric Surgery (EBPS) and European Pediatric Surgical Association (EUPSA) created EPSITE to support candidates who wish to prepare themselves to sit the European Board of Paediatric Surgery Examination. EPSITE is available to all paediatric surgical trainees and established paediatric surgeons in Europe who would like to assess their level of knowledge; this should motivate them to take the EBPS Examination.

Similar to the EBPS Part 1 exam, EPSITE consists of 100 multiple choice questions covering a large spectrum of topics, including anatomy, physiology, embryology, pathology, microbiology, genetics and immunology, clinical history and examination, operative technique, clinical data interpretation, radiological investigations, general pediatric surgery, pediatric oncology, neonatal surgery, genitourinary surgery, pediatric trauma and burn care, as well as pediatric critical care.

EPSITE will be delivered on an annual basis 4-6 weeks prior to the EUPSA Congress and can be taken only once per year. Access is via an online link that will be sent to registered participants and activated on the day of the examination. The next EPSITE will take place April 12th – 18th, 2021


“EXCHANGE” Joint Program of ERNICA and EUPSA for young surgeons

The joint ERNICA/EUPSA clinical exchange program is officially launched and from January 2020 candidates* can apply for short stay visits to one of the ERNICA centers. Within ERNICA we have the expertise and resources available to set up a clinical exchange program for training purposes. This exchange program will offer fellows and consultants the opportunity to learn from colleagues in the field. The program will be customized to the specific needs of the applicant and can focus for example on complex surgical techniques and multidisciplinary care. The exchange program will be open for fellows and consultants working in ERNICA centers, but also EUPSA member states not included in ERNICA are welcome to participate in this program.

How to apply
Please send your CV and application form** to the ERNICA coordination team Renée de Ruiter

** click here to download the EXCHANGE_Application Form EXCHANGE_Evaluation Form

or the chairman of the EUPSA education office Prof. Martin Lacher (

* Applicants outside the EU cannot be considered for this program.

Key features

  • Continuous program starting in January 2020
  • 10-15 exchanges per year are funded by ERNICA
  • Trainee/fellows and consultants can apply
  • Candidates from ERNICA and non-ERNICA centres (EU members) are welcome to apply
  • Visit duration ranges from 1-2 days (consultant) to max two weeks (trainee/fellow)
  • Budget of max 1500 EUR per visit to cover travel and accommodation
  • ERNICA covers EUPSA membership for 1 year for those candidates with a non-member status

Participating centers
The following ERNICA centers are already participating in this program and by clicking on the center you can find the available programs. Program details to be confirmed with selected candidates.

Helsinki Children’s Hospital (Finland)

CHRU Lille (France)

Hannover Medical University (Germany)

Erasmus MC Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Amsterdam UMC (The Netherlands)

Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden)

University of Padua (Italy)

Odense University Hospital (Denmark)