EUPSA Short History

The history of the European Pediatric Surgeons’ Association (EUPSA) goes back to 1995 when the former Organization called European Pediatric Surgical Associations decided to organize the 1st European Congress in Pediatric Surgery.

The Congress was organized by Prof. Michael Hollwarth in Graz and due to the great success of the Congress it was decided to have a similar European meeting every second year.

The following 3 Meetings were organized every 2nd year (see Venues and Congress Chairpersons below).

In 2002 Michael Hollwarth was elected as President of the European Pediatric Surgical Associations and he proposed on the occasion of the 5th European Congress in Tours in 2003 the foundation of a new “European Pediatric Surgeons’ Association”.

Therefore, the acronym EUPSA remained the same but this was now a formal Association with individual members. Due to the success of the previous congresses it was decided to have annual meetings after the already announced 6th European Congress of Pediatric Surgery in Gdansk 2005.

A new step towards a closer cooperation with the British Association of Pediatric Surgeons was achieved when both Associations decided to have a Joint Meeting on the occasion of the 10th European Congress in Graz 2009.

This combined meeting was very successful and fruitful for both Associations. The 13th EUPSA Congress in Rome was again a common Congress with the BAPS.

All the following Congresses were very succesful, Dublin and Limassol were joined Meetings with the Colorectal Club. EUPSA is planning a very interesting Annual Congress in Belgrade in the heart of Eastern Europe and an exceptional scientific event with IPEG in Vienna in 2020.