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International workshop and hands-on course

– Two day hands-on course on living rats and a chicken model
– Specific anatomy, basic techniques of access, exposure, suturing and knotting in small spaces
– Fundoplication, nephrectomy, splenectomy, bowel anastomosis, diaphragmatic reconstruction,
esophageal anastomosis
– Full equipment and more than one expert for every two operation tables
– Video presentation and discussion of specific operations by faculty members

Professor Benno M. Ure, MD – Hannover, Germany

Professor Stephan Kellnar, MD – Munich, Germany
Joachim F. Kübler, MD – Hannover, Germany
Professor Martin Lacher, MD – Leipzig, Germany
Professor Martin Metzelder, MD – Vienna, Austria
Professor Jürgen Schleef, MD – Trieste, Italy
Professor Henri Steyaert, MD – Brussels, Belgium
Professor Holger Till, MD – Graz, Austria


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