May 9, 2019

To All EUPSA Members

Invitation to the EUPSA General Assembly

June 14th, 2019, Friday, Belgrade.


Dear EUPSA Members,


We would like to invite you on the due date according to our statues, to the General Assembly of our association that will take place on June 14th, 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00 in the Main Hall of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belgrade.

All members are invited to submit comments, suggestions and/or recommendations, as well as nominations for elections, to the President or the Honorary Secretary. Of course nominations are possible during the General Assembly however, please note that only candidates present during the General Assembly are eligible for election.

Only members who have paid their dues (annual membership fee) may and have a right to vote at the General Assembly


The following issues will be on the Agenda:


  • New Members of the Offices

There will be vacant positions for members of the Scientific Office, Education Office and Network Office. The EUPSA Executive Board invites eligible members to send their application for vacant positions in the Offices to the Chairmen of the Offices (short CV and list of publications). Decisions will be made during the Meeting of each Office on June 12th, 2019.


  • Affirmation of the new Chairman of the Network Office : the election will be made by the members of the Office and affirmed by the Executive Board and the General Assembly


  • Election of the EUPSA President Elect.

According to our Statutes, the Executive Board will make a proposal to the General Assembly.

All eligible members are invited to submit comments, suggestions and/or recommendations  four weeks in advance to the President or the Honorary Secretary. Only candidates present during the General Assembly are eligible for election.


  • Budget and Balance presentation

We have prepared a presentation, including all the recommendations of our financial accountant and External Auditors


  • Membership Fee:

EUPSA is currently a very active association and performs many educational activities. These activities need to be financially supported by EUPSA since many of these activities are being carried out in Eastern European Countries for educational purposes. During the last years it has becoming more difficult to get support from medical industries and companies for congress and workshops. Nevertheless EUPSA has organized congresses with reasonable registration fees and has tried to keep all expenses at lowest possible levels. Thus the Society’s income mainly relies on Membership fees. According to our financial advisors to assure a positive balance, we need to ask our members for an increase of membership fee. We propose an augmentation of the annual fee from 75 to 100 Euros. Considering the membership fee of National Association of many European Countries, the proposed fees is quite below these limits.


  • Future Congresses

We are proud to announce that we received several proposals for hosting the EUPSA Annual Meeting, the different bids will be discussed inside the Executive Board Meeting and the decision affirmed by the General Assembly.


  • Changes in the Statues

Due to the new EUPSA financial address there are some changes in the statues that will be reported at the General Assembly.

We hope to see you numerous at the General Assembly in Belgrade.                                                                        


Giovanna Riccipetitoni                                                         Gonca Topuzlu Tekant

EUPSA President                                                                 EUPSA Honorary Secretary


Click here to download the .pdf version of EUPSA 2019 GA updated correct Invitation and agenda