Offers for Members

Offers for Members2018-11-14T14:20:00+00:00
  • European Journal of Pediatric Surgery
    2017: 6 issues
    Annual subscription rate for EUPSA Members: € 150,00 plus shipping fees
    Download the  Order Form (848.9 KB)
    For any further information visit the  Editor website

  • Pediatric Surgery International 2019
    Annual subscription rate for EUPSA-Members: 75 € (plus carriage charges)
    Download the Order Form (258.8 KB)

For any further information visit the Editor Website

If you would like to subscribe to a journal at the reduced rate for EUPSA-Members, download the appropriate order form, print it, fill it out and send it by FAX to the EUPSA (FAX: +39 040 9870136).

When EUPSA-Membership is confirmed, your order form will immediately forwarded to the publisher.

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