Network Office

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Primary objective of the Network Office is to develope a data co-ordinating centre, in order to implement, support and promote the development of networks in the field of Paediatric Surgery, to provide data management and bio statistical support and consultation in the areas of design, execution, and analysis for clinical and basic science studies.

  • Chairman: Prof. Ernest van Heurn, Maastricht, The Netherlands


  • Dr Joachim Kuebler, Hannover, Germany
  • Dr Florian Friedmacher, Dublin, Ireland
  • Dr Nigel Hall, Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Dr Francesco Morini, Rome, Italy
  • Dr Antti Koivusalo, Helsinki, Finland
  • Dr Sanja Sindjic, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Dr Takashi Doi, Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr Alessio Pini Prato, Genoa, Italy