April 21st, 2020 –> Update

2 Vacant positions: those EUPSA Members who are interested should send their short application letter, together with their short CV and publication to the Chairman mikko.pakarinen@hus.fi not later than May 15th, 2020


Aim of the Scientific Office is to maintain the Association’s scientific production at the highest level.

Chairman: Mikko PakarinenHelsinki, Finland
Tel: +35 504272981 – mikko.pakarinen@hus.fi


Udo Rolle (Germany) udo.rolle@kgu.de

Balasz Kutasy (Sweden) balazs.kutasy@sll.se, bkutasy@hotmail.com

Jens Dingemann (Germany) dingemann.jens@mh-hannover.de

Carmen Mesas Burgos (Sweden) carmen.mesas.burgos@ki.se

Richard Keijzer (Canada) richard.keijzer@umanitoba.ca

Paola Midrio (Italy) paola.midrio@gmail.com

Joep Derikx (The Netherlands) j.derikx@amc.uva.nl

Naziha Khen-Dunlop (France) naziha.khen-dunlop@nck.aphp.fr

Annika Mutanen (Finland) annika.mutanen@hus.fi

Peter Vajda (Hungary) vajda.peter@pte.hu

Stefano Giuliani (United Kingdom) stefano.giuliani@gosh.nhs.uk