Scientific Office

Scientific Office2018-07-10T17:24:38+00:00

Aim of the Scientific Office is to maintain the Association’s scientific production at the highest level.

Chairman: Mikko Pakarinen, Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +35 504272981
  • Paole De Coppi, United Kingdom
  • Joep P.M. Derikx, Netherlands
  • Jens Dingemann, Germany
  • Manuela Hunziker, Switzerland
  • Richard Keijzer, Canada
  • Naziha Khen-Dunlop,France
  • Balazs Kutasy, Ireland
  • Carmen Mesas Burgos, Sweden
  • Paola Midrio, Italy
  • Annika Mutanen, Finland
  • Udo Rolle, Germany
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