Do you have any reading material of sample questions for part one exam?

The reading material is the same as for the EBPS Part 1 exam.

Can you please email me an application form?

All application forms are electronic. You will find the e-forms on our website.


When is the next exam?

May 25-26, 2019 Keep watching our website! Www.eupsa.info/epsite and http://www.paediatricsurgeryexam.org

Cancel your examination

If a candidate cancels their online-examination place to attending, the examination-fee will stay within the EUPSA/EBPS until the following year. The candidate can then take the exam the following year.

How many times can I take the EPSITE?

You can sit EPSITE only once per year, but a new exam will be available each year so that participants can assess their level of competency and knowledge over time.

I am a board certified paediatric surgeon already, can I still sit the EPSITE ?

Everyone, paediatric surgical trainees and senior paediatric surgeons can sit for the EPSITE. Candidates who wish to prepare themselves to take the European Board of Paediatric Surgery Examination or check their current knowledge can sign up.

When is my registration complete ?

Registration is complete upon payment of the registration fee.

What happens on the May 25th 2019

Each candidate will receive a link via Email which connects to a website on which the exam is taken place. Please visit for a sample (Mock) exam of 10 questions.