Welcome to European Paediatric Surgeons’ Association

EUPSA is one of the largest Paediatric Surgical Association of individuals worldwide.

Our main aims:

  • Promote high standards of surgical care for neonatal, paediatric and adolescent patients throughout Europe

  • Support research, education, collaboration and training in paediatric surgery

President’s Message

The European Paediatric Surgeons’ Association will hold its Autumn Meeting in London, United Kingdom. This event in November will focus on improving training of European Pediatric Surgical Residents. The program will include a Pediatric Surgery Boot Camp with an array of simulation exercises to develop hands on skills under supervision for various emergency interventions and advanced procedures. Educational activities with focused teaching programs will be other hallmarks of this two-day event.


The Association recently successfully concluded the Central and Eastern European Course in Pediatric Surgery in Pristina, Kosovo on Minimal Invasive Surgery and Urology that enabled further integration with colleagues in the region. The Association remains committed towards the development of Pediatric Surgery throughout the European continent with such focused programs enabling better collaboration and in providing improved pediatric surgical services.


There is a flurry of events this Autumn, as many European Institutions offer workshops, courses and seminars with benefits to our members. Details of these events can be found on our website and our social media channels. Our Offices are also busy with further networking opportunities for enthusing and promising ventures among members. We take this opportunity to thank our members contributing towards innovative and ongoing activities in numerous avenues for the Association!


With best wishes,

Amulya K. Saxena

September 2022