Adnan Menderes International Airport is within 30 mins distance by car to Hyatt Regency Hotel Izmir and city center.

Airport Code: ADB


There is a payment System with Contactless Credit /Debit Cards in public ransportation in Izmir including bus, tram, metro and ferry.

The airport is connected by public transportation, airport services, taxi and subway.


The taxi costs around 20 €, for 25 km distance to city center.

Some taxis also accept credit cards. Make sure that you demand the taxi driever to turn on the taximeter before your depart.


The services depart from city center once in every one hour.

The distance is around 45 minutes. Individual ticket fee is TL 40 (approx. € 2) but may differ on the days of the meeting.


Public transport is available until midnight in Izmir.