Click here to download the EUPSA survey guidelines v2 Febraury 2023

Click here to download the EUPSA Retrospective study guidelines v2 Feb 2023

The Network Office welcomes proposals from members wishing to propose studie, for example prospective clinical studies or clinical trials. The Office particularly welcomes approaches from trainee members as well as patient organisations. Any member wishing to propose a study should email details to the Chair Network Office Nigel Hall, MD

All members are encouraged to participate in studies that are currently open. Please follow the links below for more information or to take part.

Current surveys or studies open to participation

Exposure und experience of young pediatric surgeons and trainees to pediatric colorectal care

The Trainees of European Pediatric Surgery (TEPS) pursue an interest in improving surgical training. We suspect that training in the specialized field of pediatric colorectal surgery is impacted by several factors and differs considerably between countries and centers. Therefore we ask as many trainees as possible to take part, even if colorectal care is not your main focus. Feel free to share the link to the survey with any trainees and young pediatric surgeons you know!

Your experiences and your voice can help to paint a picture of the training and hopefully improve our surgical future.

To join:

Management of Total Colonic Aganglionosis

We invite members to complete the first ERNICA/EUPSA Joint Survey which is on the management of total colonic and intestinal aganglionosis. This has been developed between the EUPSA Network Office and the ERNICA Hirschsprung Disease (HD) group and marks an exciting development in the collaboration between these two groups. The survey aims to understand variation in practice in the management of this most challenging subgroup of children with HD. We hope that the findings may contribute towards the development of guidance in this field and inform future research.

International Study of Neuro-Endocrine Tumours (NET)

Neuro-endocrine tumours (NET) of the appendix are rare in the pediatric population. Most of them are found during histopathological examination of the appendix, removed for the indication of acute appendicitis. Due to their rarity treatment strategies are based on limited data. This study led by Ramon Gorter aims to create a large international dataset to evaluate the outcome of the treatment strategies for appendix NETs in the pediatric population and ultimately improve the care for patients with this rare condition. If you are interested in participating or have any questions please contact:

International Congenital Lung Malformation Registry (ICLMR)

This study aims to document the clinical features, treatment received and outcome of children born with a congenital lung malformation. Cases diagnosed at any stage can be submitted to the registry including prenatally diagnosed cases and those diagnosed after birth. The registry is capturing all aspects of these case – there is no requirement for any specific treatment. The aim is to collect a large volume of cases worldwide to understand more about this rare group of conditions and how to best treat them. The study is led by Mike Stanton, MD (Southampton, UK) (Website: