February 25nd, 2022


Dear members,


An unprecedented crisis has now affected Europe and assistance will definitely be required for children that will be affected by war casualties. 


There has been overwhelming response from our members throughout Europe with messages of support to our colleagues in the war affected areas. Though it may not be possible to travel and succour our colleagues, our Association shall provide remote guidance at this time.


EUPSA has paired together with a registered charity Save A Child Global Paediatric Network, whose main mission is to help doctors treating sick and injured children in areas of conflict. With the experience of our members encompassing the expanse of Pediatric Surgery especially in the field of trauma and global surgery, members are requested to contribute their expertise at this time of need.


Please register with Save A Child Global Paediatric Network to contribute to this effort: https://saveachild-specialists.org


Members that wish to provide further assistance during the present crisis are also requested to send an email to the Honorary Secretary on office@eupsa.info (Subject: Crisis aid) to be included as part of the team of supporting centers that could be contacted if further help is required. Frontline Centers are requested to contact the Honorary Secretary for assistance requests.


Yours sincerely,


Amulya Saxena                                              Augusto Zani

President                                                        Honorary Secretary