BAPS Oncology Course February 2021

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Course Organiser:  Miss Kate Cross

Local Organising Committee: Miss Kate Burnand, Mr Alex Cho, Mr Stefano Giuliani, Mr Navroop Johal, Miss Dhanya Mullassery, Mr Imran Mushtaq, Mr Bruce Okeoye, Miss Naima Smeulders


Course Content

  • Four interactive live multidisciplinary tumour boards (covering the main solid tumours)
  • Lectures with interactive chat and Q&A session
  • Additional online content available for streaming around the time of the course and for a fixed period of time after
  • Ideal course to increase your depth and breadth of knowledge on all aspects of paediatric surgical oncology
  • Perfect for FRCS (Paed Surg) preparation and for senior registrars/consultants to update and refresh knowledge


£30 for the course and online content

£50 for the course, online content and full access to CCLG 2021




Miss Kate Burnand

Mr Alex Cho

Miss Kate Cross

Mr Stefano Giuliani

Mr Navroop Johal

Miss Dhanya Mullassery

Mr Imran Mushtaq

Mr Bruce Okeoye

Miss Naima Smeulders

Miss Claire Jackson

Mr Robin Garret-Cox

Mr Charlie Keys

Dr Sucheta Vaidya

Dr Olga Slater

Dr Julia Chisholm

Miss Kokila Lakhoo

Dr Jeremy Pryce

Dr Kishore Minhas

Dr Jenny Gains

Miss Erica Makin

Dr Giuseppe Barone

Mr Robert Wheeler

Dr Kieran McHugh

Dr Lorenzo Biassoni

Dr Tom Watson

Dr Sarah Stoneham

Mr Suren Arul

Dr Helen Rees

Mr Tim Rogers

Dr Mark Gaze

Dr Henry Mandeville

Dr Michael Ashworth

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