BAPS Surgical Oncology Course

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Course features:

The BAPS oncology course is a 2 day intensive lecture based course teaching the principles of surgical oncology.  Lectures will be given by a range of experts from surgery, oncology, radiotherapy and palliative care. These interactive sessions will teach surgical decision making around the diagnosis and  mangement of oncology patients as well as operative lectures and videos to teach the principles of oncological surgery.   The course is aimed at senior trainees and consultants who wish to enhance or  refresh their knowledge of oncology.


Topics to be covered include

The role of the surgical oncologist                       Suren Arul, prev. Chair CCLG surgical group

Principles of oncology                                              Professor Pam Kearns, oncologist

Principles of radiotherapy                                      Dan Ford, radiation oncologist

Germ Cell tumours                                                    Suren Arul, CCLG germ cell tumour group

Wilms’ tumour                                                          Max Pachl, SIOP RTSG subcommittee

Brain tumours                                                            Professor Andrew Peet, oncologist

Rhabdomyosarcoma                                                 Tim Rogers, CCLG soft tissue sarcoma group

Neuroblastoma                                                         Professor Bruce Morland, oncologist

Thoracic tumours                                                     Mike Singh, Paediatric Thoracic surgeon

Liver Tumours                                                           Khalid Sharif, CCLG liver tumour group

Vascular Access                                                        James Bennett, consultant anaesthetist

Palliative Care                                                           Yifan Lliang, consultant in palliative care

Operative management of massive tumours and vascular encasement

The role of minimally invasive surgery in oncology

In addition we are planning a series of exam style vivas that will cover the part 2  exam in Paediatric Surgery and Urology by the Chair of the SAC committee (Liam McCarthy) with help from others who recently sat the exam.

Cost:   Two days including all refreshments and course dinner £130; One day £65 including refreshments


BAPS oncology course 2019 Birmingham Children’s Hospital flyer (V3)


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