EUPSA Summer Newsletter

Dear Members,

The covid-19 pandemic is still affecting life for most of us. In some countries the situation has improved, whereas it is still getting worse in other countries. We all try to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. In many centers elective pediatric surgery has been postponed and the waiting lists are long. It will be a challenge to provide timely, high-quality pediatric surgery to all these patients over the next few months. The covid-19 pandemic has had other negative consequneces for global child health. For example, there are concerns that vaccination programs have been put on hold, particularly in developing countries, which will have a negative impact on child health beyond the direct consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

The EUPSA recently published a link on the website,, which is a statement from the Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgery (CAPS) emphasizing the devastating impact that racism has on our goal to optimize the health of children and their families. The EUPSA strongly supports this statement.

Today, the 20th of July, it is four weeks since we sent the ¨Minutes¨ or the written resolution, replacing the minutes of the ordinary general assembly meeting, to all members. These minutes are hereby approved. First, I would like to welcome Professor Udo Rolle as Chairman of the Scientific Office. I would also like to welcome Augusto Zani, Helene Engstrand Lilja, and Alejandra Villanova as new members of the Scientific Office and Paolo de Coppi, Jens Dingemann, and Ramon Gorter as new members of the Network Office.

The EUPSA Education Office has recently launched several webinars. The most recent one was organized by Martin Lacher and Ciro Esposito on ¨Hot topics in minimally invasive surgery¨ the 7th of July. A series of further EUPSA webinars will be organized over the next few months. Please see the website to watch the already launched webinars and for additional information about the future webinars.

This year has been very different, but I hope that you will all have some time for rest and recovery!

Best Regards

Tomas Wester

EUPSA President


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